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Life is full of rich experiences and valuable lessons that reach far beyond any test score or memorized fact. We aim to live a lifestyle that builds a strong desire to freely seek knowledge which will subsequently increase confidence.

 I won't tell you how you should do it but I can tell you how we do it.

freeschooling was birthed from the idea that homeschooling doesn't have to be expensive. It has Since grown into our way of life.

when it comes to educating our children there are SO many resources available to us. they range from very expensive to absolutely free. and we really like the free stuff!

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Screen time seems to be a super hot topic not just in the homeschooling community but in the parenting community as well. Our personal journey with screen time has evolved over time and continues to evolve. but when all is said and done we have come to the personal conclusion that technology is here to stay. 

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Technology provides some amazing learning opportunities, and so much of it is, you guessed it - FREE! If you're looking for kid tested parent approved app & website suggestions then you have come to the right place. Subscribe to be notified as we will continue to add to this list.



We love books! The love of reading was a huge catalyst on our free schooling journey. What started as a summer full of reading turned into hand written book reviews by a kid and now it has morphed into her own book review website. 


Over the years we have stumbled on some great podcasts, fantastic educational TV shows, lots of hands on projects, and even some great curriculum! Pinterest, Google, and the 'gram are invaluable resources but there is SOOO much out there and it can be hard to sift through all the noise, advertisements, and click-bate to find the good stuff. I hope you find the resources we share here to be valuable on your journey. 

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