Announcements + Giveaway

Hey Friends!

I'm thrilled, nervous, and excited to announce that I will be speaking at the 2020 Carolina Homeschool Conference. Because #2020 this conference is going to be held exclusively online which means that no matter where you are you can attend!

In the session that I'm leading we're going to talk all about Freeschool: how we got started, what it means to me, how we free up space for exploration, and how home education does not have to break the bank!

Click here to purchase tickets from my affiliate link. You know the drill... affiliate link means that I get a tiny kickback from every ticket purchased from that link. So, if anything you've read or learned from this site or my space on the gram has ever helped or encouraged you then you can think of this purchase as a way of showing me some love :) If you're anything like me though and you are "choosey" with your spending then keep reading to find out how you can enter to win a free ticket!

Second announcement... WeFreeSchool is now officially on the Instagram! You can find us here: I'm posting alllll the free resources, activities, and of course a bunch of words that I hope you find encouraging.

Now for the giveaway!!! For your chance to be entered to win a ticket to the 2020 Carolina Homeschool Conference:

  1. subscribe to (if you are already subscribed and would like to be entered comment giveaway on this post or shoot me an email and I'll be sure you're on the list)

  2. Follow @wefreeschooling on Instagram

  3. Like and comment on this giveaway post on Instagram.

For extra entries tag your friends in the comments and share the post in your stories and tag @wefreeschooling. Enter by August 16th.

To check out all the conference sessions visit:

Hope you guys have a great weekend!