How We Do Artist Studies

Several years back we did weekly artist studies on famous artists. Check out my littles doing Piet Mondrian inspired art🤗. Fast forward to the present day… Our 10 year old is really into art and over the last year or so we have been really intentional about making time and space for that.

So, I wanted to try and bring the artist studies back because I felt it was relevant to his current interests but I had a feeling that if I attempted to pick the artists that we studied that it would be a bust. So I asked bud if he would like to share some artists with me that inspire him. And he was in to it {#momwin 🙌🏾}

This is how we go about our artist study:

•he Googles the artist (learning how to navigate google + typing practice)

•we read the artist's bio (he either reads aloud to me or we take turns reading paragraphs)

•we find an interview article to read so we can get to know the artist better (this brings up additional conversation topics. for example this week's artist we studied suffers from anxiety and agoraphobia. We were able to talk about mental health)

•we browse the artist's website (last week's artist had a virtual art gallery that we visited!)

•we check out the artist's Instagram (because hello 2020 what a great way to further get to know a current artist)

•we jot down some notes (check out the printable below with guided questions + an activity)

•lastly, he is invited to make some art that is inspired by the artist

This week he introduced me to Kit King. Her hyper realistic art is amazing! When we were looking through her online art gallery he was so excited to find a piece of art similar to the one he created yesterday and asked if he could just use that as his inspired art for this week! ♥️

I believe that making space for our kid's current interests is invaluable! How can we ask a child "what do you want to be when you grow up" (we actually don't ask our kids that but that's a post for another day) when they've yet had the chance to fully pursue things that interest them. We expect a child to finish their 12 years of schooling and all of the sudden enter college at 18 and know what they "want to be when they grow up". In addition to that when our children finds something they love and something that is of interest to them personally they are going to remember and value the things they are learning. So, when I'm ready to do a math lesson and he's in the middle of a painting I don't make him stop so we can do math. And if making space for that is wrong then I don't want to be right.

Do you have a kiddo who's into art? Need a little kick start for an artist study? Download the We Free School Artist Study. It's an easy one page guide with questions and an activity to get you started. Happy creating friends!

We Free School Artist Study
Download PDF • 66KB