Coming Home Book Review

If you are new to homeschooling or maybe if you feel like homeschooling is loosing it's luster Camille's book is the encouragement and nudge you didn't know you needed. There are plenty of homeschooling books out there on the market but this book hits different. This book is about you, about your heart, and your home.

I dare say that the majority of us veteran homeschoolers will tell you that no matter what method you choose, homeschooling is a lifestyle. It is way more than just school at home. And this book can help set you on course for this major lifestyle change.

I appreciate how Camille not only broke down her advice and encouragement into digestible bits, she also thoughtfully included breaks in the book to challenge you to stop, reflect, and collect your thoughts.

As parents we make so many decisions and being at the helm of our children's education is not one to take lightly. Preparing your heart, mind, and home for this venture is just as important if not more important than researching methods, curriculum, and the ins and outs of homeschooling.

Camille's ebook is currently available for preorder and is going to be released on October 1st! She's giving away some goodies and has some great things planned for anyone who preorders her book. To e-meet Camille and get more information on her book visit her site: and follow her on the gram.