FREE Math Worksheets

If you're familiar with how we free school then you know how much we love Khan Academy. It has been one of our go to resources especially for math. It has helped us lay a great foundation for necessary math skills but often we find that we need to either dive a little deeper or spend a little longer practicing certain concepts.

I have one kid in particular who has always enjoyed doing worksheets. Instead of going out and buying a book full of worksheets I prefer to find free worksheets online. It allows us to have exposure to a variety of questions, we never run out of practice, and it helps to keep things fresh. I'm sure You may be familiar with this but I've noticed that when we use a specific book, website, or curriculum that each program while they are covering the same concepts have their own way of wording things. So when we have a variety of different sources I believe it helps to further deepen the understanding of the concept just by changing the way that they word their questions.

All of the websites below offer some form of FREE downloadable worksheets. Because they are free a lot of these sites have a plethora of ads and it can take a few minutes to figure out how to navigate their platforms. But if you're anything like we are and you're looking for ways to help keep the cost down then taking a couple extra minutes to navigate a free website is more than worth the time. This is by no means a comprehensive list of websites that offer free worksheets. There are so many of them out there and a quick google search for "free math worksheets" will provide hundreds of site like the ones below. But hopefully You find this list helpful.

Math Salamanders - This was one of the first free worksheet websites that I found. It is geared towards elementary age level Their worksheets are all printable They provide answer keys which I love! And there is also links to online practice.

Math-Aids - As we are approaching high school math and are deep in middle school math I really love this website because it offers worksheets for kinder through 12th grade. Another great feature is that their worksheets are customizable allowing You to add more than one concept to a worksheet. And they give You an answer key as well which again I love especially because Pre-Algebra was a long time ago!

Math-Drills - I think this website might will for their ease of use. Their website is pretty easy to navigate. They offer a wide range of math skills and just like the above websites their worksheets are all downloadable.

Worksheet Place - This is the worksheet mother load! This site offers worksheets for ALL the things. One of my favorite things about this website is that their worksheets are equipped and have the capability to send as google forms! This allows me to email a set of questions to the kids, they input their answers, and I'm easily able to check their work.

EasyTeacherWorksheets - This site also has more than just math worksheets. It also provides lessons, sample questions and answers and complete answer keys.

I hope that You find this list to be helpful! Happy learning.