Happy (not) Back To School

Hey Friends! 👋🏾 Long time no see...

Back to school season is upon us and I swear every other post I see is either someone's first day of school pics, their curriculum choices for the school year or an advertisement for back to school deals. But can I let You in on a little secret, we are NOT anywhere close to being ready to go "back to school". It's still summer here y'all!

But before I go any further let me just say that if you're already in full on school mode that's awesome! If you're knee deep in planning You got this! If you're starting next week more power to You. Or if you started and realized that maybe you're not quite as ready as you thought you were and so you take more days off thats cool too! As always my opinions and POV are not meant to make anyone feel bad about their choices. My philosophy is and always has been if it's working for You and your kiddos keep doing it!

I just wanted to send You a little encouragement and a little you're not alone note. It's ok if you're still enjoying summer. It's ok if You don't start until next month. It's ok if you're not feeling ready just yet. Don't let what the masses are doing make You feel pressured into changing what is working for your family. Some of us just need a little more time and that's ok. It's the beauty and flexibility of homeschooling. We get to decide!

Around here we see learning as a lifestyle and while what we're up to these days looks nothing like a classroom I can assure you that we're learning every day. Whether it's a lesson in business management (more on that soon) or your kiddo is participating in an @outschool class as a way to connect and bond with new friends over similar interests it all matters! It all counts! Give yourself credit for all the things you and your kids have done and are doing this summer! Trust me even if it doesn't feel like much you've done a lot and your kids have learned a lot.

So for now this is my happy (not) back to school! I'm really looking forward to checking in again soon and sharing the beginnings of our homeschool high school journey with You!

Until next time 💌