People's History

One of the many driving forces around the idea of Free Schooling was my desire to approach history from a different point of view. I wanted the stories that we read to mean something to our kids and I wanted to find ways to bring History to life. I was never comfortable with the narratives that were shared in traditional text books and I spent years piecing together activities, finding living books from the library, and searching for resources that fit my vision.

Here are three of my favorite go to resources for teaching US History:

1. This book: A Young People's History of the United States has been one of our go to resources. This book "brings to US history the viewpoints of workers, slaves, immigrants, women, Native Americans, and others whose stories, and their impact, are rarely included in books for young people."


This site makes is so easy to find resources for any time period, theme and grade level. It even offers free downloadable lessons. We also really enjoy their "This Day in History" posts. You can also follow Zinn Education Project on Instagram.


This site was created by Emily, a fellow home school mom. She created these extensive "book lists organized chronologically focusing, not on the dominant characters of the mainstream narrative, but on the people around them." You can also follow The Parallel Narrative on Instagram.

I hope that you find these resources helpful as you continue on your Free Schooling journey. I love added new resources to our list so please feel free to share your favorite History resources in the comments below or Let's Connect and continue the conversation.