Puppy Schooling

Just like with everything else in our lives we view any and every thing as an opportunity to learn. A couple of weeks ago we added this sweet brother and sister Rotty Mix duo to our family and let me tell you there's no shortage of lessons when it comes to raising puppies. We are all learning so much from our puppies as it's been all puppy school all the time over here.

Just like with parenting it is our job to be consistent with our puppies. We work on this by all learning and using the same commands. We also have a relatively set routine for our puppies so that they know what to expect. Not only is this crucial for our sanity and longevity as puppy parents it also helps our kids to be actively involved in the process. Learning to be consistent with our puppies will spill over into other parts of our kids lives extending their opportunity to become responsible members of society.

Puppies are also a big responsibility and having 2 of them is double the responsibility. We not only have to make sure that these puppies are fed, trained, and loved. We also have the responsibility to learn their language. Learn how they process the world, learn their cues, and learn the specific needs of their breed. We are so lucky to live in a time where our kids can get onto a device to look up articles to read and watch videos to learn more about all of the above.

It's hard work and it requires and immense amount of patience. Like practicing patience when your puppies are having accidents and you have to stop what you're doing to clean up their messes. Practicing patience when your puppies are jumping up on your couch and putting snags in the material. Practicing patience when your puppies won't listen. Practicing patience when all you want to do is play Minecraft and talk to your friends but you need to help mom take the puppies out again. I could keep going but I think you get the picture.

Puppy schooling is probably one of the harder lessons we've had around here. If I'm being honest I would probably choose teaching my kids to read again over adding puppies to our freeschooling life. But in the end I know that they are and will continue to enrich our experiences and they are teaching us lessons of consistency, responsibility, patience and so much more.