Tot Freeschooling

Friends, can I let you in on a little secret... preschool is my favorite age to "teach". Preschoolers are like little sponges! They are learning so much and watching them retain new concepts is so satisfying. Talk about instant gratification. Way back when, I attended college and studied early childhood ed. I learned a lot and got a paper that shows I can teach that age group but the thing is I always knew that in the end my energy and time would be focused on teaching my own kiddos.

I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to experience the preschool years three times over. Twice with my own two kiddos and once with my dear friend's daughter. I loved making all the hands on activities and games for them. And as my kids get further and further away from those preschool years looking back at all the photos from our preschool days makes me feel so nostalgic. So when my friend Caitlyn and I were chatting a couple weeks ago about her wanting to pull activities together for her preschooler I jumped on the opportunity to make and send her a hand full of activities that they could use this school year.

Thanks Caitlyn for letting me take a walk down memory lane for your kiddo. I'm so happy that these items made it safely to their new home and I'm looking forward to seeing these activities in action. I had so much fun making these and watching Caitlyn's "unboxing" video made my day. (You can watch it here).

Keep scrolling to see what I made and for all the activity deets:

So as you know I love me some free stuff but I also love scoring a good deal. And when it comes to homeschooling, the Dollar Tree is my number one go to spot for all the things! Sis and I masked up and I pulled together all the items I needed to make these preschool busy bags all from items from the Dollar Tree. I might have went a little crazy since thanks to the pandemic I hadn't been to the Dollar Store in a minute and got a little excited about this project. As you can see I got all kinds of stuff but here are the items that I used for these busy bags:


3x5 cards

2 packs of Clear Spoons

Pipe Cleaners


1 pre-made activity (that I hacked to be a reusable activity)

Letter Stickers

Popsicle Sticks (regular + colorful)

Clothes Pins

Counting Blocks

Foam Sheets

Number Cutouts

Clear Beads

Poster Board

I created nine activities that can also be used in multiple ways and I still have a ton of stuff left over that can be used for more hands on fun activities (anyone in the market for some busy bags?? hit me up).

Here are the activities:

Match + Complete the Shape
Make the Matching Pattern
Shapes (sort sizes + colors, make shapes)
Name Games
Aa - Zz (Upper & Lowe Case)
Counting, Matching, Patterns
Find the Right Number
Find the Missing Number
Feed the Monster

Play is the number one vehicle for learning through the preschool years. All these activities provide great hands on practice for things like early literacy, number recognition, and even fine motor skills all while keeping learning fun!

If you have any questions on how these activities were created or if you're looking more ideas just drop me a line. Happy creating friends!